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"Armed Crime Deterrence in Metropolitan America: Making the Patchwork More Transparent", D. Santiago, 21-April-2016 I’ve grown tired of positional arguments about guns. I understand the emotional passions that surround them but I do not agree that satisfying those emotions has much bearing or merit on what’s right for making sound public policy when it comes to how firearms figure into managing public safety and crime deterrence in the United States. So once again, I step back and start to ask questions. What factors should a police chief, a sheriff, a mayor, a city council member, a county supervisor, a state assembly person, a state senator, an attorney general, a governor, a U.S. Representative or a U.S. Senator really be taking into account when contemplating public policy about the cost-benefit economics of the role of firearms in metropolitan public safety?

This is more than just an article, Click Here to explore my "Armed Crime Deterrence" computer model.

"Creative Tax Legislation as a Way to Improve America's Public Safety, Gun Safety and Create Funds to Invest in Improving Mental Health Care", D. Santiago, 2-October-2015 How do we turn things around? How to we make America safer? How do we ensure guns are used to gain actual improvements in crime reduction? How to we create the money needed to invest in better preventive mental health care?

"California's SB 707: Gun Control vs. the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment", D. Santiago, 11-September-2015 Over the last 146 years, "We the People" have struggled to live up to the 14th Amendment in the face of numerous special interests who have found the endowment of truth unpalatable.

"Comment Submittal to Notice of Proposed Rule Making by the Department of State, Docket Number 9149, Federal Register Document Number 2015-12844", D. Santiago, 29-June-2015 When should information be on the Internet? Who declares what is and is not permissible? In the Byzantine world of government regulation, it's not always clear and transparent. Too often, they are unclear. The rule making process for federal regulations has forms and conventions which must be followed. This is an example of one. The more Americans understand this process, the better.

"America's Unwanted Young Men", D. Santiago, The Huffington Post, 19-June-2015 Discussing America's at-risk individuals most likely to engage in high profile violence; a journey into the shame within ourselves and our reluctance to face it.

"Guns in America: Why I Think It’s Time for California to Stop Fighting Peruta vs. San Diego", D. Santiago, The Huffington Post, 28-July-2014 On Thursday, July 24, 2014, Judge Frederick J. Scullin, Jr. issued a Summary Judgment Order affirming that the 2nd Amendment confers a right to “bear arms” outside the home. The order was nothing short of devastating to the District of Columbia which has been resisting and delaying compliance with legal decisions on this issue for many years. The order was plain. The government and police of the District of Columbia were told to cease and desist from enforcing all laws regarding carrying weapons until such time that an acceptable and constitutionally compliant set of laws providing for the carrying of weapons outside the home for D.C. residents and non-residents are put into place. That’s a hammer blow in magnitude rarely seen and it’s a wake-up call to other jurisdictions resisting similar decisions on other parts of the country.

"Reducing Gun Violence Must Ultimately Be a Partnership Between Government and Gun Owners", D. Santiago, The Huffington Post, 20-December-2012 Sometimes you have to step back from horror to look for solutions to it. In the United States, we have seen a pattern of violent behavior emerging for a number of years. It’s become “common” enough that “active shooter” scenario training is now part of the annual cycle of training of most police departments. Like a piece of shock music, the location changes but the refrain is always the same. Somehow, a mentally unstable person falls through a crack and acts out violently targeting victims who are easy prey. The carnage is sensational and stuns the senses universally to the point that we all grasp at anything we can to help soothe our shock.

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